As the largest exchange by trading volume, identifying new Binance listings before they are announced can be one of the fastest routes to crypto success. This is because a Binance listing can often lead to a significant price pump for a new cryptocurrency.

Moreover, the encroaching bull market could provide listings with room for monumental growth. This article considers factors like hype, community, and marketing to predict the most likely candidates to be listed, and also dissects Binance’s requirements for new crypto listings.

  • Hot meme coin project with play to earn utility and staking
  • Price has pumped 10x in last month, rumored to be listing on Binance
  • Over 12k holders and growing
Project Launched
December 2023
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • Debit
  • Innovative Stake-to-Mine Model Bringing New Utility in Web3
  • Cost-Efficient Way to Mine BTC
  • Over 360M BTCMTX Already Staked with Estimated Rewards of 115% p/a
Project Launched
September 2023
Purchase Methods
  • BNB
  • ETH
  • Matic
  • USDT
  • Debit
  • +2 more
  • Recently Launched ERC20 Presale with 285% Estimated APY
  • Presale Has Gathered $5M Showcasing its Upside Potential
  • Supports Staking and Betting on AI-Driven Meme Battles
Project Launched
September 2023
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • BNB
  • Hub for All Things Web3 Offering Trading Signals and Market Insights
  • Developed by a KYC-Verified and Doxxed Team
  • Native $LPX Tokens are Used to Gain Access to Exclusive Features
Project Launched
March 2023
Purchase Methods
  • USDT
  • ETH
  • BNB
  • Debit
  • +1 more
  • Completed One of the Most Successful Presales Raising Over $25M
  • Recently Launched WSM Casino with 200% Welcome Bonus
  • Over 400M Tokens Locked in the Staking Pool & Offers 40% APY Returns
Project Launched
April 2023
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • Debit
  • Over $300k Raised and 598% Staking APY on Offer
  • AI-Driven, Sustainable Transport Solution Designed to Revolutionize Transportation in Developing Nations
  • Exciting eTukTuk Play-to-Earn Game In the Making
Project Launched
June 2023
Purchase Methods
  • BNB
  • Debit
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • +1 more
  • $SCORP Token Holders Gain Access to Weekly Bonuses and Free Games
  • Over $2.2M Raised so Far in Ongoing Presale
  • Early Presale Investors Can Participate in a $250k Giveaway
Project Launched
February 2023
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • BNB
  • USDT
  • Newly Launched and Licensed Telegram Crypto Casino
  • 25% Cash Back On all Losses When Betting $TGC Token
  • TG.Casino Lets you Stake $TGC Tokens with Current APY of 158%
Project Launched
July 2023
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • BNB

13 Potential New Binance Listings to Add to Your Watchlist

  1. Sponge V2 – The next iteration of the $SPONGE token, which reached a $100 million market cap, promises to make earning more lucrative. By staking your $SPONGE tokens, you’ll receive $SPONGEV2 and could possibly earn up to 4,000% annually.
  2. Bitcoin Minetrix – A new stake-to-mine cryptocurrency that is tokenizing cloud mining using blockchain technology. The $BTCMTX token can be staked to earn Bitcoin cloud mining power and high annual yields. This new ICO has raised over $100K in 24 hours.
  3. Meme Kombat – A meme vs meme battle arena with the world’s most famous meme icons facing off against one another. The new framework offers a consistent 112% APY and also provides ROI from live betting on fight outcomes. Fights are enhanced with AI-rendered graphics and processed on chain.
  4. Launchpad XYZ – All-in-one Web3 trading and analytics tool providing users with vast data insights and enabling them to learn, browse and trade all from one dashboard. Its flagship tools include an AI language model and Launchpad Quotient, a crypto ranking system leveraging over 400 data points and an alpha Telegram signals group. The presale has raised $1.45 million so far.
  5. Wall Street Memes – Presale meme coin with one million social media followers and Twitter engagement from Elon Musk. The project has raised over $25 million on presale and has now listed on the OKX exchange. The token can also be purchased OTC via the official website.
  6. eTukTuk – Electric vehicle charging infrastructure starting its operation in South Asia to close the economic wealth gap. The project will also provide affordable electric “eTukTuks” vehicles. CertiK has audited its smart contract.
  7. Scorpion Casino – A crypto casino currently running a token presale. According to its website, $SCORP holders can earn up to $10,000 in passive rewards. The token also provides casino credits, weekly bonuses, and more, giving it real utility. The presale is approaching $1 million, with over 2,000 investors participating so far.
  8. TG.Casino – $TGC, the native token of TG.Casino, can be held to earn high staking APYs and huge cashback on this online casino. $TGC is priced at $0.1375 on presale, and has raised over $1.4 million. 
  9. Bone ShibaSwap – Utility token for Shiba Inu’s Shibarium blockchain. The team recently renounced the smart contract, leading to speculation it could be about to gain a Binance listing as it has become more decentralized.
  10. Unibot – Trending Telegram bot that facilitates lighting fast snipes, charging a 1% fee. It also enables users to copy trade successful traders and has pumped over 700% since its launch in June.
  11. Decentralized Social – Decentralised social media layer 1 blockchain enabling creator-led, user-owned social networking. It is already listed on Coinbase, so a Binance listing could be looming. It currently has an $80 million market cap.
  12. Mantle – New layer two coin with a $1.3 billion market cap not yet listed on Binance. The Mantle network aims to facilitate up to 500 transactions per second due to its cutting-edge blockchain design, separating transaction execution, data availability, and transaction finality into different modules.
  13. Propy – Real-estate utility token enabling users to buy and sell real estate over the blockchain. Already listed on Coinbase, showing it has the potential to attract tier-one exchanges. It has a $29 million market cap, the highest of all real estate cryptocurrencies.

A Closer Look at the Next New Binance Listings

The main benefit of a Binance listing is the significant upside potential that arises for new projects on the exchange. Next, we will look deeper into our picks for the next new Binance listings.

1. Sponge V2 – Best Binance Listing With up to 4,000% Annual Yields

$SPONGE experienced a major boost in summer 2023, driven by its strong association with SpongeBob SquarePants, becoming a sensational success. Debuted in May, this meme token leveraged the public’s fondness for the cartoon, soaring to a $100 million market cap.

Despite a subsequent decline in value, the introduction of Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2) is intended to rejuvenate the community.

SpongeV2 home

The transition to $SPONGEV2 tokens involves a stake-to-bridge mechanism but holders of the original $SPONGE tokens must withdraw their stakes before the closing of the current pool. Subsequently, these can be staked in the new V2 smart contracts, earning $SPONGEV2 as a bonus buy reward.

It’s important to note that once $SPONGE is staked in the V2 contract, this change is irreversible, and you will then have $SPONGEV2 staked.

This decision, however, opens the door to potentially high Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) over the next four years. Presently, over 400 million tokens are already locked in the V2 contract, with the possibility of yielding up to 4,000% annually.

SpongeV2 tokenomics

Adding to the appeal, Sponge’s upcoming play-to-earn racing game, as described in the whitepaper, is scheduled to be released after the V2 tokens. This game offers another way for token holders to earn $SPONGE tokens via online gaming competitions.

Stay informed about the V2 launch and understand the staking advantages of the token by following Sponge on X, Telegram, and Discord.

Hard Cap N/A
Total Tokens 150 Billion
Tokens available in presale N/A
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase None
Purchase with USDT, ETH, Card

2. Bitcoin Minetrix – Stake-to-Mine PoS Crypto Tokenizing Cloud Mining.

Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) is a stake-to-mine cryptocurrency platform tokenizing cloud mining. 

Bitcoin Minetrix over $100k raised

Cloud mining is a process through which third-party corporations let individuals rent mining power from centralized operations. However, these corporations have been known to perform dubious activities and often scam investors. Bitcoin Minetrix is solving this issue by decentralizing this procedure and offering cloud mining credits. 

By leveraging the $BTCMTX token, one can earn cloud mining credits through the staking mechanism. Since users have control over their assets, individuals can access greater security and autonomy over their holdings. This is also a great entry point for users with little knowledge about Bitcoin or crypto mining. 

By staking $BTCMTX, token holders can also earn a high APY (Annual Percentage Yield). At press time, Bitcoin Minetrix offers more than 7,000% in annual yields. For all these reasons, Bitcoin Minetrix can become the next crypto to be listed on the Binance exchange.

Bitcoin Minetrix mining made easy

In just 24 hours, Bitcoin Minetrix has already raised over $100K. The ongoing presale will consist of ten rounds and allocate 2.8 billion tokens. This represents 70% of the overall 4 billion token supply. Bitcoin Minetrix aims to raise a hard cap of $32 million by the end of the presale. 

Currently, $BTCMTX is priced at just $0.011 during the first presale stage. The price will jump by 8.1% by the final round to $0.0119 per token. Interested investors can make a $10 investment to enter this new presale. 

Read the Bitcoin Minetrix whitepaper and join the Telegram channel to find out more about this cryptocurrency. 

3. Meme Kombat ($MK) – Potential Binance Listing With 112% APY and Meme Vs Meme Combat

Meme Kombat ($MK) is a definite contender for a Binance listing, given that many meme tokens have been listed on Binance – including ones mentioned in its list of icons.

In the first Season of Meme Kombat, there are 11 meme icons in total – Doge, Floki, Baby Doge, Milady, Kishu, Mong, Pepe, Pepe 2, Shiba, Sponge, and Wojack. Meme Kombat Homepage

These memes fight in one-on-one combat. Spectators bet on the outcome of the fight and there are three main ways to place bets. These are P v P, Direct, and P v Game. This provides enough variety and there will also be opportunities to place side bets on niche outcomes, to offer even more entertainment. 

This campaign uses AI-rendered graphics to make the combat as vivid as possible. All fights are processed on the blockchain with increased transparency and automatic distribution of rewards. This presale scored very well in its third-party smart contract audit from Coinsult, with no issues found. The founder is also doxxed and publicly viewed on social media.

These factors might easily be taken into account by the Binance review panel. While the meme coin industry might be known for a lot of bad actors, the transparency of Meme Kombat could serve as major reassurance.

But it also has solid fundamentals. It offers 112% APY and a clear roadmap. It will add more features in the future in line with user feedback. The idea to bring many memes together could be a winning strategy and might have major market appeal.

The price per token is currently $0.1667, with a total supply of 120 million. 60 million tokens are available in the presale, which has raised over $600,000 so far. 

More info can be found within the Meme Kombat Whitepaper, as well as the Twitter page. 

4. Launchpad XYZ – All-in-one Web3 Trading and Analytics Tool Enabling Users to Learn, Browse, Trade and Get Data Insights from One Platform

Launchpad XYZ is a presale data analytics and trading tool aiming to help users find the next Pepe. It provides a seamless UI and exceptional data insights, providing all users (beginner to advanced) with the necessary tools to succeed within the crypto markets.

According to its whitepaper, the project aims to onboard the next 10 million users to Web3. One of the most challenging aspects for new crypto users is the complexity of learning to use all the different features and crypto applications.

New Binance listings

However, Launchpad XYZ aims to provide all the tools you need in a single platform, breaking down this barrier to entry and striving for mass adoption. With such an ambitious use case, it is easy to see how Binance may pick up on the project.

The platform allows users to create their own trading framework backed by real data insights; then, they can use the built-in trading terminal to execute trades based on their framework.

On top of that, it offers an education platform, guiding new users on the intricacies of crypto, taking them from beginner to pro.

One of its main features is an alpha Telegram signals group that recently returned 7,000% for its members and it also boasts a unique feature called the Launchpad Quotiet, a tool that leverages 400 data points to tell users what’s hot and not in the markets.

Furthermore, the team has just introduced a groundbreaking AI model that will gather sentiment, news, and market insights to help users make informed decisions on their next trade.

More than $1.45 million has been raised in the presale so far.

5. Wall Street Memes- Trending Meme Coin Retweeted By Elon Musk With One Million Followers, Now Listed on Major Exchanges After Successful Presale Completion

With over one million followers across all social media platforms, Wall Street Memes is one of the top cryptos right now. This new meme coin raised over $25 million across its presale. Now, the $WSM token has been listed on the OKK exchange. It is also available for purchase OTC, direct from the website.

WSM token home

Many beginner crypto investors only buy coins via a centralized exchange (CEX) due to the complexity of managing crypto wallets and using decentralized exchanges (DEXs). As such, Wall Street Memes looks set to capture lots of new liquidity following its centralized exchange listings.

Furthermore, as well as raising $25 million, it has achieved meme coin notoriety through its Twitter account being retweeted by Elon Musk.

Therefore, Wall Street Memes looks on a trajectory to becoming one of the top mainstream meme coins, potentially rivaling Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe.

New Binance listings

As we saw with Elon’s impact on the Dogecoin price, his blessing of a meme coin can easily cause mass hype, with buyers rushing to purchase a meme coin favored by the world’s richest man.

The Wall Street Memes project was inspired by the Wall Street Bets Reddit group and the GameStop saga in 2021.

According to its website, Wall Street Memes will “tokenize the movement,” enabling investors to get rich off “useless meme coins.”

6. eTukTuk – Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Also Providing Affordable Electric Vehicles and Audited by CetriK

eTukTuk is an affordable electric vehicle (EV) and charging infrastructure that will first serve South Asia, striving to close the economic gap.

The platform will utilize the “sharing economy” to tackle the issue of toxic air pollution. Beginning in Colombo, Sri Lanka, eTukTuk will install electric vehicle charging stations and provide “eTukTuks,” a modern twist on the TukTuk found throughout the developing world.

New Binance listings

eTukTuk users will pay to charge their vehicles with the $TUK token, providing a sustainable source of revenue for the project. Furthermore, a portion of that revenue will be distributed to the eTukTuk staking pool, providing investors a way to earn passive rewards.

With such a revolutionary use case, harnessing the true power of cryptocurrency and blockchain, it makes sense that Binance could pick up on the project in the future. This also aligns with the broader Binance ethos of Binance Charity, an organization set up by the exchange to carry out humanitarian work.

According to the eTukTuk whitepaper, users can save 400% by opting for eTukTuks over traditional transportation. This strengthens its use case and adds to its long-term potential.

So far, the presale has raised $45K and is running a 50% discount for early investors. The current price is $0.024 (effectively $0.012 with the discount), but this is set to rise to $0.028 when the presale hits $120K.

7. Scorpion Casino – Licensed Crypto Casino Offering Up to $10,000 in Passive Rewards and a $250K Giveaway

Scorpion is a popular crypto casino boasting over 210 casino games and 160 live games. It is licensed, transparent, and offers provably fair gaming.

So far, the presale has fared in high demand, with over 2,000 investors participating, raising over $800k.

New Binance listings

The platform has recently launched a presale for its native token $SCORP. It will provide holders with a suite of benefits, including passive staking rewards, weekly bonuses, access to giveaways, and more.

One of the reasons Scorpion is proving to be one of the best crypto casinos and may gain a Binance listing is that its token is similar to owning a small part of the casino. This is because some of the revenue platform generates will be distributed between $SCORP holders.

This provides a potentially lucrative way to earn rewards and promotes community solidarity between the Scorpion team and $SCORP holders since they all have a vested interest in the platform succeeding.

The Scorpion website references the high upside potential of casino revenue, putting forth a case study where a 26-year-old crypto casino owner bought a $80 million home in Australia.

The current $SCORP price is $0.017, but this will increase incrementally throughout the presale, with its listing price at $0.05.

8. TG.Casino – New Crypto Offers 25% Cashback on the Online Casino, Over $1.4 Million Raised on Presale 

TG.Casino ($TGC) is a fully licensed online casino that can be accessed without completing any KYC forms. By leveraging $TGC and other cryptos, the casino supports instant deposits and withdrawals. 

TG.Casino presale

This new casino platform has recently launched $TGC, the native token, on presale. The token has a maximum supply of 100 million, 40 million of which is allocated to the ongoing presale. Currently, $TGC can be bought for only $0.1375 per token. Since the start of the presale – TG.Casino has raised over $1.4 million. The presale hard cap target is set at $10 million. 

On the casino, the token can be held to enter exclusive casino games. TG.Casino will also distribute $TGC tokens as rewards to top performers on the ecosystem. Token holders can stake $TGC and get APYs (Annual Percentage Yields) as high as 350%. Notably, 20% of the token supply will be allocated through staking rewards. 

Furthermore, by making bets with the $TGC token – users will get 25% cashback on any losses incurred.

Once the casino starts generating profits, TG.Casino will start buying back $TGC tokens from a decentralized exchange. 60% of the tokens bought back will be distributed to token holders through a staking pool. The rest will be burned to reduce the token supply in the long term. 

TG.Casino home img

After the presale ends, $TGC can potentially be listed on popular crypto exchanges such as Binance. The potential listing can push up the trading volume, and make $TGC a profitable token in the coming years. 

Read the TG.Casino whitepaper and join the Telegram channel to learn more about this cryptocurrency. 

Hard Cap $5M
Total Tokens 100M
Tokens available in presale 40M
Blockchain Ethereum Chain
Minimum Purchase $12.50
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB

9. Bone ShibaSwap – Utility Token of Shiba Inu’s Shibarium Ethereum Layer 2 Blockchain

With Shiba Inu’s layer 2 blockchain Shibarium just launching, the Shiba Inu token has become a central talking point for many investors.


However, many outsiders are unaware that it could be Bone ShibaSwap (a Shiba Inu ecosystem token) that benefits the most. This is because $BONE will be used for staking and settling gas fees on the network, making it Shibarium’s utility token and providing a source of demand if the network proves popular.

The Bone ShibaSwap chart shows that the Shibarium launch was a “sell-the-news” event, where the price tumbled amid the launch. This is standard practice in crypto, as many traders buy early, locking in profits at the event occurs.

However, its recent downturn could present an excellent opportunity to buy ahead of its potential Binance listing.

Many speculators predict that $BONE could be listed on Binance since the Shiba Inu devs recently renounced the smart contract and allocated the remaining locked $BONE to validator rewards, effectively decentralizing the token.

10. Unibot – Trending Telegram Bot With a 1% Fee and Copy Trade Functionality

Over the past weeks, Unibot has risen from zero to an impressive $146 million market cap, leading the way in a brand-new category of coins – Telegram trading bots. Since its launch, the token is up over 700%.


Unibot calls itself the “fastest Telegram trading bot,” stating it is six times faster than trading on Uniswap. The bot offers numerous features, including limit orders, mirror sniper, fail guard sell, and private transactions. It can also alert users when new tokens are created on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing them to get in early.

Its mirror sniper feature enables users to copy trade successful traders to increase their chances of success.

However, one of its main draws is that it solves the clunky and slow user experience problem often faced in DeFi. For example, making a trade on Uniswap can often take over ten minutes in times of high network activity, making day trading or scalping almost impossible.

Binance is yet to list a Telegram bot, but with the category’s popularity recently blowing up, Unibot could be the next token listed on the exchange.

11. Decentralized Social – User Owned Decentralized Social Media Layer 1 Blockchain With $80 Million Market Cap

Another emerging category of cryptos is decentralized social media. Currently, the top decentralized social media project is Decentralized Social.


The platform is a layer 1 blockchain built from the ground up to facilitate decentralized, creator-led, user-owned social networking.

It boasts several innovative features, including a Google login option, encrypted messaging, MetaMask compatibility, 100% self-custody wallets, and more.

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal and amid increasing censorship, data breaches, and lack of privacy on legacy social media sites, crypto fanatics have longed for decentralized social media.

However, social media has heavy-duty data requirements, which are not necessarily decentralization-friendly. Yet, Decentralized Social has solved this. Currently, the project has a $80 million market cap.

As Binance looks to expand its offerings, it may choose the leading decentralized social media protocol as one of its next listings.

Furthermore, the project is already on Coinbase, showing it has the allure to attract tier-one exchanges.

12. Mantle – Second Largest Layer 2 Coin by Market Cap and Capable of Processing Up to 500 TPS

Mantle is an Ethereum layer 2 blockchain solution that utilizes a new modular design to bolster its throughput. It separates the execution, data availability, and transaction finality into modules, enabling it to process up to 500 transactions per second.


Moreover, it is currently the second largest layer 2 token by market cap, only behind Polygon MATIC. This is because it recently merged with BitDAO, with the $BIT token migrating to $MNT at a 1:1 ratio.

As the second largest layer 2 token by market cap and boasting the largest treasury in the entire crypto industry, it seems inevitable that users will soon be able to purchase $MNT on the Binance exchange.

Adding to this, layer 2 cryptos are expected to play a critical role in the blockchain infrastructure in the months ahead, as some experts predict the next bull run is looming. Transaction fees on the Ethereum mainnet skyrocket during periods of high activity, leading many to seek cheaper alternatives, likely putting Mantle and other layer 2s in high demand.

13. Propy – Real-Estate Utility Token Enabling Users to Buy and Sell Real Estate Over the Blockchain

Propy is the leading real estate cryptocurrency by market cap, valued at $29 million. The project enables people to buy and sell real estate over the blockchain, providing faster, easier, and more secure transactions.


It operates 24/7 and has a title and escrow feature to ensure seamless transacting. The native utility token ($PRO) is used to pay fees on the platform.

One of the main issues regarding the real estate market is that it is inefficient and geo-dependent. However, with Propy, users can quickly buy and sell property worldwide, thanks to blockchain’s immutable and transparent nature.

Propy issues properties as non-fungible tokens and also offers fractional property ownership. This opens up many new use cases not possible in the traditional real estate market.

As a result, a Binance listing may be imminent, particularly considering the growth of cryptocurrency in the real estate industry.

How Often Does Binance Add New Cryptocurrencies?

As well as being the top crypto exchange by trading volume, Binance boasts a vast selection of cryptocurrencies. When writing this, there are over 350 cryptos on the platform.

With that in mind, it is clear that Binance frequently adds new listings. One of the best places to stay updated with new cryptocurrency released on Binance in 2023 is the Binance Telegram group.

New Binance listings

The Binance team announces new listings in the group, but there is no exact frequency of Binance new listings. However, the team has announced two new cryptos in the last week.

That said, the platform did not add tokens for two weeks before its recent listings. This shows that Binance listings are often unpredictable, only occurring when Binance feels it will benefit users. Therefore, we cannot give an exact frequency for new Binance listings, but they generally add new tokens at least monthly and sometimes more during a bull run.

Adding to the unpredictability, Binance only announces listing the new cryptos hours before trading goes live. This often leads to massive excitement and significant pumps following the announcement.

Ultimately, Binance aims to provide the best possible user experience. This means balancing listing new trending projects with high upside potential and avoiding high-risk projects likely to endure losses.

According to a blog post published by Binance on its listing criteria, some of the main things it looks for are:

  • A solid project foundation.
  • Community engagement.
  • Market demand.
  • A well-designed token economy.

Binance likely focuses on listing new projects as they meet this criterion rather than on a time-specific basis.

How Can a Project Meet Binance’s Listing Criteria?

Considering the criteria, let’s compare it with some of our top picks.

Solid Foundation – Binance already offers many of the best meme coins, so it likely regards $SPONGEV2 as a project with a solid foundation – based on the multiple use cases offered.

Community Engagement – Wall Street Memes has a thriving one-million-strong community and has even been retweeted by Elon Musk.

Market Demand – The $SPONGEV2 Token cryptocurrency is currently in its presale and has garnered vast interest, thanks to its successful predecessor. Over 400 million tokens have been staked so far.

 While these factors do not guarantee a listing, they undoubtedly bolster the chances.

Why Invest in New Binance Listings?

When looking for the best new cryptocurrencies on Binance, the optimal time to buy it is before the listing announcement. This is because Binance has access to a massive audience, and as soon as it announces a new listing, it causes a mass frenzy of buyers to purchase the coin.

With that in mind, let’s explore the benefits of investing in new Binance listings.

High Upside Potential

Due to its significant user base and extensive trading volume, coins listed on Binance instantly get a boost in buying pressure. Added to that is the hype and speculation that comes with a Binance listing, resulting in upcoming Binance listings enjoying tremendous upside potential.

The Pepe Listing

On May 5, Binance announced it would list Pepe on its exchange. This was the first major tier-one exchange to list Pepe, with Coinbase shunning it days earlier. Following the announcement, Pepe exploded, reaching an all-time high and a market cap of over $1.8 billion.

Pepe’s price action can be seen on the chart below. Immediately after the Binance listing announcement at the beginning of May, Pepe exploded to unprecedented heights, even while the rest of the market struggled.

New Binance listings

Long-term Potential

Another benefit to investing in the best new coins on Binance is that the exchange can bolster the project’s long-term potential. This is because many users prefer investing only in assets available on the exchange, retaining much liquidity within Binance’s ecosystem.

On top of that, as more crypto users enter the space, many of them will choose to trade with the world’s largest CEX (Binance). As a result, Binance is likely to grow over time, furthering the growth of assets on its platform.

According to CoinMarketCap, the Binance exchange’s 24-hour trading volume is over $7 billion. As a result, new projects listed on the platform get an instant liquidity boost, helping create a more sustainable price.

One of the main issues for low-cap coins is thin liquidity, which cannot absorb large buy and sell orders, leading to high volatility and eventually causing prices to collapse.

Therefore, the added liquidity from a Binance listing helps prevent market manipulation and reduces the volatility risk since investors can move in and out of the asset without impacting its price. 

Increased Legitimacy

Since Binance is the number one cryptocurrency exchange worldwide, securing a Binance listing adds a degree of legitimacy to a project. According to, there are over 22,000 cryptocurrencies in total. Meanwhile, there are only around 350 on Binance.

In its early days, Binance used to be open to listing many different projects with different levels of associated risk. However, as crypto has become mainstream, Binance has undertaken a duty to protect investors by only listing cryptos that pass a rigorous vetting process.

This means only the best of the best are listed on Binance, which can legitimize a project and spur investors’ confidence.

How Pepe Coin Established Itself

Continuing the topic of Pepe, while it has decreased from its ATH, it has managed to retain a significant market cap of over $400 million. This may be down to the Binance listing instilling legitimacy to the project, with many investors now viewing Pepe as a viable alternative to Dogecoin or Shiba Inu rather than a fad.

The reason Binance could have added legitimacy to Pepe is that many investors view meme coins on Binance to be less risky than those purchased through a DEX. The reason for this is that launching a token on a DEX is far easier than being vetted and listed on Binance.

Invest From the Ground Up

Most Binance new coin listings are for newer projects. Therefore, buying these tokens means investors can buy from the ground up, which can be highly lucrative as the project’s product or ecosystem develops.

While not without risk, getting into new projects early means there is more room for the project to grow and, with that, its price. Think about it, buying Ethereum in 2016 when its price was $2 would have opened the door to vastly more gains than for someone who buys it today at $1,664.

On the flip side, Ethereum’s fundamentals have soared in recent years, making it less risky. However, this is the risk investors face when buying new upcoming cryptos.


Another example of success with investing from the ground up was Shiba Inu. In early 2021, SHIB was an unknown Dogecoin copycat that nobody knew except a handful of prudent degens. 

However, on 10 May 2021, Binance announced it would list Shiba Inu. The result? Its price increased 15x in two days and then exploded again a couple of months later, reaching a new ATH and a market cap of over $40 billion.

Investing just two days before Binance announced the listing would have accrued an eye-watering 5,681.05% profit in six months. This means a $500 investment would have been worth over $28K.

Shiba Inu price

How Do Cryptocurrencies Get Listed on Binance?

Cryptocurrencies must go through a rigorous process to get listed on Binance. The Binance CEO, who goes by CZ, documented 25 tips to get listed on Binance, which show the intricacies of Binance’s listing operations.

Essentially, crypto founders or the CEO must personally fill out a form to get listed on Binance, with the exchange stating this is because they may “need to talk to a key person” in an emergency like a bug, fork, or double spend.

As mentioned, Binance also published a blog post highlighting the criteria projects must meet to get listed on the platform. While we touched on some of its main points before, here is a breakdown of exactly what it looks for:

  • Basic Listing Criteria – Binance requires all projects to meet a basic criteria, including a solid project foundation, active development, an engaged community, and adequate liquidity.
  • Technical Criteria – Projects built upon a solid technical foundation with consistent performance and exchange compatibility.
    Regulatory Compliance – This is relatively self-explanatory. Binance is a global exchange that aims to comply with regulations in the jurisdictions in which it operates and expects the cryptos on its platform to do the same. This includes anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations where applicable.
  • Volume and Tokenomics – Binance wants coins with strong or growing liquidity and market caps since this indicates popularity. It also looks for transparent and fair tokenomics, which could help the project succeed long-term.
  • Team, Community, and Track Record – Outside tokenomics and use cases, Binance looks for projects with a thriving community, a credible team and advisors, and a proven track record. All these factors can play a key role in indicating a project’s strength and chances of success.

CZ’s 25 Binance listing tips also note that 98% of projects will not hear back after applying for Binance listings. However, the ones that do may be eligible to get listed.

What Happens Once Binance Agrees to List a Project?

  • There will be a Binance new listings alert distributed to users via the Binance Telegram, as well as on the announcements section of its website.
  • The announcement details a scheduled time and date for trading to go live. Binance usually launches spot trading for the cryptocurrency with several coin pairings, typically including USDT, BNB, and BTC.
  • Following this, Binance may add other trading products for the project, such as cross and isolated-margin trading.

However, while many new listings go directly to the main Binance exchange for spot trading, this is not always the case. Sometimes, Binance deploys new tokens via its Binance Launchpad or the Binance Innovation Zone.

Binance Launchpad

The Binance Launchpad is a platform to help newly created projects raise capital to fund their development. Binance is the first exchange on which you can buy these projects. This means you cannot get in before the Binance announcement, as with our picks for the next upcoming Binance listings.

In the past, projects like Polygon MATIC, Axie Infinity, and MultiversX all launched via the Binance Launchpad.

New Binance listings

Binance Innovation Zone

Binance uses its innovation zone for already-released projects that it deems higher risk. As mentioned, Binance rigorously tests new projects to determine what it should list on its exchange. However, Binance may list projects that show potential but do not quite meet its demands in its Innovation Zone.

The Innovation Zone enables investors to buy higher-risk assets from the comfort of their Binance account rather than having to use a DEX. A popular token recently listed in the Innovation Zone was Pepe.

How to Find Upcoming Coins that Could List on Binance

Now that we have explored the benefits of upcoming Binance listings and our picks for the best ones, here is how you can do your own due diligence and find the best new coins on Binance.

Remain Current on Market Trends

Binance aims to provide the best user experience to retain its customers. This entails always adding trending projects so users do not need to buy them on a competing exchange.

As such, staying current on market trends and knowing what’s hot is a brilliant way to front-run Binance listings. One of the easiest ways to do this is by utilizing social media, mainly Crypto Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram channels.

Thousands of crypto influencers share their thoughts and opinions on the markets daily. Using this information, you can learn what coins are trending and then search for them on Binance to see if they are already listed. If not, you may have found the next Binance listing.

For example, Wall Street Memes has recently been trending on social media, with countless influences covering it. For instance, prominent YouTuber Jacob Bury published a video discussing the token a few days ago.

Join Binance New Listings Alerts Group

Joining the Binance announcements Telegram group will grant you access to the upcoming listings before they go live on the exchange. However, prices tend to rise immediately after Binance announces listings, meaning it is unlikely that you will get in at a good price with this method. This was evident with the Shiba Inu price, which exploded 15x following the Binance announcement.

You can also keep an eye on cryptos that other exchanges are listing, like Coinbase,, and KuCoin by joining their Telegram groups or visiting the announcement sections of their websites. A tier-one exchange listing indicates a project is strong, and it could mean other top exchanges are gearing up to list it too.

Find Popular Presales

Since Binance tends to favor newer projects, exploring the hottest presales is a surefire way to find potential Binance listings.

However, with over 20,000 cryptocurrencies on the market and many new ones being released daily, finding new presales can be challenging. Still, there are countless ways to find new presales, like searching on Google or YouTube for “top new presales.” You could also join a Telegram group focused on new presales or use a platform like the Binance Launchpad.

Once you find new presales, identifying the ones with the greatest chances of success is crucial. Here are the criteria we used to determine the presales mentioned on our top list.

  • Selling out quickly.
  • Strong use case or fundamentals.
  • A growing community.
  • Long-term potential.
  • Solves a real-world problem or has links to a famous figure or character.

Based on these criteria, the most likely candidates for new Binance listings are Wall Street Memes, Sonik Coin, and Launchpad XYZ.


This article examined our top picks for the best new coins on Binance, the advantages of investing in upcoming Binance listings, and how to find them.

Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2) is a top cryptocurrency that could potentially be listed on the Binance exchange. $SPONGEV2 is an upgraded version of Sponge’s token – offering a unique staking model and P2E gaming opportunities.



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