Telegram bots are like miniature apps for Telegram. They make this popular messaging app easier to use and offer new functions that Telegram doesn’t provide natively.

There are thousands of Telegram bots available, so finding the best ones can be a challenge. We’ve tested tons of bots to find the top ones for a wide range of uses. In this guide, we’ll highlight the best Telegram bots to try today.

The Best Telegram Bots Today

Let’s dive straight into our best Telegram bots list for 2024:

  1. Mega Dice – Casino and Sportsbook Telegram Bot Offering Hundreds of Games. Sign Up with No KYC and No Registration Required. New Users Get a 200% Welcome Bonus up to 1 BTC.
  2. TG.Casino – New Telegram Casino Bot Offering Games from Top Software Providers. Also Has a Sportsbook with 30+ Betting Markets. Users can buy $TGC, the native token, and get a 25% cashback on any losses incurred.
  3. Wall Street Memes Casino – Brand New Telegram Casino from the Same Group Behind $WSM – the Fourth-Largest Meme Coin. New Players get 200% Welcome Bonus Plus 200 Free Spins.
  4. ChatGPT Query Bot – ChatGPT Bot for Telegram Giving Users Access to Advanced AI. Talk to the Bot One-on-one or Add It to Any Telegram Group.
  5. – Create Temporary Email Addresses to Eliminate Spam When Signing Up for Online Services. Completely Free to Use.
  6. BotFather – Telegram’s Native Bot Creation Tool. Use This Bot to Create Any New Telegram Bot in Seconds.
  7. File Converter – Quickly Convert File Types Without Leaving Telegram. Free to Use and Supports Images, Docs, and More of Any Size.
  8. AirTrack – Airline Ticket Alert Bot That Helps Users Find the Best Flights Between Cities. Get Real-time Prices or Set Up Alerts for Price Drops.
  9. IFTTT – Multi-use Automation Bot That Connects to 350+ Services. Works with Productivity Apps, Social Media, and Much More.
  10. MeteoBot – Simple Weather Bot Built for Telegram. Get the Current Weather and 3-day Forecast in Seconds.
  11. PollBot – Create Surveys for Any Telegram Group and Collect Unlimited Responses for Free. Open and Close Polls at Any Time.
  12. DeLorean – Send Messages into the Future at a Schedule Time or on an Interval. Perfect for Text-based Reminders.
  13. TweetItBot – Control a Twitter Account Right from Telegram. Post a Tweet, Like or Comment, and More.

The Best Telegram Bots Reviewed

Let’s take a closer look at our favorite Telegram bots for 2024 and explain what they do.

1. Mega Dice – Casino and Sportsbook Telegram Bot Offering Hundreds of Games with No KYC. 200% Welcome Bonus up to 1 BTC.

Mega Dice is a popular new crypto casino and sportsbook and a pioneer in online gambling through Telegram. The casino’s Telegram bot allows anyone to bet on their favorite casino games, sports teams, and more right from the messaging app.

The ability to bet from inside Telegram is huge. The Mega Dice bot launches an in-app gaming interface where players can tap to spin, bet, and wager. It’s a lot like Mega Dice’s online experience and it’s miles beyond the experience a lot of text-based Telegram gambling bots offer.

Mega Dice Telegram Bot

Another exciting thing about the Mega Dice Telegram bot is that players can start using it immediately with no account registration and no KYC checks. Players simply need to deposit cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum to start playing.

Mega Dice is fully licensed by Curacao and only works with respected casino game software providers. So, even though players can join anonymously, they never have to worry that the casino will be shut down without warning. Withdrawals from Mega Dice are free and are processed in minutes.

Mega Dice has a huge selection of games, including hundreds of slots, table games, and even live casino games. The sportsbook lets players bet on more than 35 markets including the NFL, NBA, soccer, UFC, and more.

To sweeten the deal even further, new players at Mega Dice receive a 200% deposit match welcome bonus up to 1 BTC. The bonus funds can be used for any of Mega Dice’s slots and table games.

Telegram handle: @MegaDiceCasinoBot

2. TG.Casino – Telegram Casino Bot Offering 25% Cashback to $TGC Token Holders and Huge Matched Deposit Rewards

TG.Casino is another Telegram casino bot that makes it easy to bet on popular slots, table games, and sports leagues. This platform is relatively new, but it’s made waves with its focus on player safety and investor rewards.

What’s neat about TG.Casino is that it’s crowdfunding the launch of the bot with a crypto presale. The presale has already raised more than $1.1 million for the project through sales of the $TGC crypto token. A Telegram-only casino – TG.Casino does not require any KYC process, and supports 100% anonymous trades.

TG Casino Telegram Bot

The platform supports instant deposits and withdrawals, only charging a minimum deposit of $1. Holders of the $TGC token can make bets with this cryptocurrency and get a 25% cashback on any losses incurred on the TG.Casino.

$TGC token holders can also stand to earn more rewards with the token. TG.Casino will use its revenue from wagers to buy back $TGC tokens on the open market. 40% of the purchased tokens will be burned, while the other 60% will be distributed to investors through a staking pool. The net result is that investors in TG.Casino could see the price of their $TGC shoot upwards.

TG.Casino offers games from top software providers like NetEnt, Evolution, Play’n GO, Habanero, and more. The TG Casino sportsbook offers wagering on more than 30 sports leagues, including esports. The casino will accept a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies through Telegram, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and more.

Notably, users will get a 200% matched deposit bonus of up to 10 ETH on their first deposit. TG Casino is fully licensed in Curacao, so players can feel confident joining this no account casino.

Telegram handle: @TG_CasinoCommunity

3. Wall Street Memes Casino – New Crypto Casino with 200% Welcome Bonus Plus 200 Free Spins

Wall Street Memes Casino is a brand new crypto casino powered by Telegram and a branch of the Wall Street Memes empire.

The group has a social media following of more than a million across various platforms and launched the $WSM token in September, which is already the fourth-largest meme coin by trading volume, trailing only Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe.

wsm casino

The casino has just launched and is offering players the ability to anonymously and securely sign up, deposit funds and play thousands of games directly via the Telegram app.

Accounts are created instantly, with no KYC verification needed, while around a dozen cryptos can be deposited and withdrawn securely and instantly with no fees or limits and and a small minimum transaction amount of just $1 (or equivalent).

Like with Mega Dice and TG.Casino, command prompts via Telegram bots are used to create the account, move crypto and play games directly on the app, which is open to all players.

New players can also earn a huge welcome bonus of a 200% matched first deposit, up to $25,000, while those who deposit with $WSM earn 200 extra free spins.

wsm casino 1

$WSM is already one of the largest meme coins in the space, with a market cap over $50 million, and enjoyed one of the best crypto presales ever, where it raised more than $25 million. Given the token’s success so far in a bear market, and its added utility with the casino, it could well explode in price during the next bull run.

WSM Casino is already up and running with players able to access thousands of favorite slots such as Aviator, Plinko, and Mines, as well as a huge array of virtual and live tables.

Poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, and more are available in multiple languages with tables suitable for both novice and pro players, whether playing low or high stakes.

The casino also has full sports betting options for dozens of top sporting competitions, including the NBA, Premier League, boxing, golf and motor racing. Players can bet on hundreds of different pre-game or in-play markets and there are even eSports with live streams available.

Telegram handle: WSMCasinobot

4. ChatGPT Query Bot – Premium ChatGPT Bot for Telegram with Free Trial

ChatGPT Query Bot is a Telegram bot that enables users to message with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The bot offers access to both GPT3.5 and GPT-4, the latest AI model with up-to-date information.

Users can use ChatGPT Query Bot in Telegram just like they would use ChatGPT online. They can ask it questions, use it for brainstorming, have the AI draft messages, and much more. In addition, users can add the bot to any group and call it with the command /chatgpt.

ChatGPT Telegram Bot

Unlike most Telegram bots, ChatGPT Query Bot isn’t completely free to use. Users get 3 free messages to start. After that, access to the bot costs $5 per month or $50 per year.

Telegram handle: @ChatGPT_Query_Bot

5. – Create Free Temporary Email Addresses to Eliminate Spam is one of our favorite free Telegram bots. This simple bot lets you create an unlimited number of temporary email addresses at no cost. Simply open a conversation with the bot and type /get to create a new email address.

These email addresses can be used to sign up for online services without giving up any personal information or inviting spam. If a service requires email verification, will forward you the verification message.

DropMail Telegram Bot

Temporary email addresses disappear after 10 minutes. It’s possible to restore them later, but it’s not advised to use addresses for any important accounts.

Telegram handle: @DropMailBot

6. BotFather – Telegram’s Native Bot Creation Tool

BotFather is a bot creation tool built by Telegram itself. It’s one of the few bots that’s native to Telegram—the rest are contributed by third-party developers, often using BotFather.

BotFather offers a range of commands that help you set up a new bot, create its list of commands, and determine what those commands do. BotFather also helps you give your bot a name and profile photo, making it easier for you and other Telegram users to find.

BotFather Telegram Bot

What’s neat about this bot is that it’s incredibly simple to use. Telegram users don’t need a degree in computer science to figure out how to program a new bot using BotFather. From start to finish, creating a new bot for simple automations takes less than 5 minutes.

Telegram handle: @BotFather

7. File Converter – Quickly Convert File Types in Telegram

File Converter is a handy bot for quickly converting a file in Telegram from one type to another. It can be used to convert a JPG image to a PNG or GIF, to convert a DOCX to a PDF, and much more.

To use File Converter, Telegram users simply have to drop a file into the bot’s channel. The bot will automatically analyze the file to determine what type it is, then present a list of file types to which it can be converted. Enter the destination file type and the conversion will take place in seconds.

File Converter Telegram Bot

Converted files can be downloaded with a tap. The bot is completely free and there’s no limit on how many files a user can convert with it.

Telegram handle: @NewFileConverterBot

8. AirTrack – Find the Best Flights Between Cities and Get Price Drop Alerts

AirTrack is one of the best Telegram bots for travelers. The bot enables users to quickly find fares for flights around the world. Just enter the departure and arrival cities and the dates to fly, and AirTrack will automatically display several flight options and their ticket costs.

AirTrack doesn’t display a comprehensive list of flight options, instead focusing on the best fares with different itineraries. Users might want to run a more comprehensive search before buying flights, but the bot at least offers a quick look at roughly how much a trip will cost.

AirTrack Telegram Bot

Another great use of the AirTrack bot is to watch out for price drops. Once a user has a trip planned, they can add their cities and dates to a watchlist. AirTrack will automatically send them a message if the cost of plane tickets drops.

Telegram handle: @AirTrack_Bot

9. IFTTT – Multi-use Automation Bot for 350+ Connected Services

IFTTT is a popular automation platform used by many individuals and businesses around the world. It’s designed to enable anyone to create their own automated workflows without coding. For example, if a user wants to automatically get a Slack message every time an account they follow posts a new tweet, they can create that workflow with IFTTT.

The IFTTT Telegram bot is an extension of this ecosystem. It enables users to create automations that involve Telegram either as a trigger or as the endpoint for an automated alert. As an example, IFTTT makes it easy to get a Telegram alert whenever a new email arrives from a specific sender.

IFTTT Telegram Bot

IFTTT offers a free plan for up to 2 app connections, which can include the Telegram bot. Paid plans start at $2.50 per month and include up to 20 IFTTT applets.

Telegram handle: @IFTTT

10. MeteoBot – Simple Weather Bot Telegram

MeteoBot is a simple weather bot for Telegram. It uses location data to determine a user’s current city, then provides the current weather and a 3-day forecast.

In addition to the current temperature, the bot displayed the day’s high and low temps, the current wind speed, and the current humidity.

MeteoBot Telegram Bot

MeteoBot isn’t as detailed as a dedicated weather app, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of having the weather available in Telegram. One thing to note is that since MeteoBot uses location data, it cannot be used to get a weather report for a different city.

Telegram handle: @WeathersBot

11. PollBot – Create Surveys for Any Telegram Group

PollBot is one of the best Telegram group bots. With this bot, anyone can quickly create a poll and start collecting responses from community members. It’s incredibly simple to use and completely free.

What’s nice about PollBot is that the poll creator can check responses in real-time. They can open and close the poll at any point and decide whether to share the results with the group. There’s also no limit to how many response options a user can add to a poll.

PollBot Telegram Bot

PollBot is simple, so it’s not the best for complex polls or open-ended answers. But for setting up a meeting or getting feedback on a question, it’s hard to beat.

Telegram handle: @PollBot

12. DeLorean – Send Messages and Reminders into the Future

DeLorean is a helpful reminder bot that sends messages into the future—just like the Doc’s DeLorean time machine in Back to the Future.

With DeLorean, users can create an unlimited number of reminders and alerts to send themselves. Just enter a message and select what time the reminder should be delivered. Users can also schedule reminders so that they are delivered at intervals until canceled.

DeLorean Telegram Bot

Another nice feature of this bot is that users can see all of their active notifications. That in itself can be a good reminder of upcoming reminders.

Telegram handle: @DeLorean_Bot

13. TweetItBot – Control a Twitter Account from Inside Telegram

TweetItBot is a useful bot that enables users to control their Twitter account from within Telegram. It enables users to post a new tweet, see all the replies to an existing tweet, like, comment, retweet, and more.

Using TweetItBot can be a little cumbersome at times, especially if a tweet has a lot of activity around it. But it shines when users want to tweet an image or comment that originated in Telegram. Users just need to call the bot and copy the text they want to post.

TweetItBot Telegram Bot

TweetItBot also manages notifications. Users can view a stream of mentions, making it handy for Twitter users who spend most of their time in Telegram instead of the Twitter app.

Telegram handle: @TweetItBot

What Are Telegram Bots?

Telegram describes bots as apps for Telegram. They’re miniature software programs designed to run inside the Telegram messaging app and extend its functionality.

Most Telegram bots aren’t created by Telegram itself. Instead, anyone can create a bot using BotFather or Telegram’s API. Most of the bots on the platform were created by third-party developers and are available to use for free.

Telegram bots are usually very specific and designed to execute just a few commands or automations. Most bots provide a detailed list of their commands and what they do when a user opens a new conversation with the bot.

What Are The Benefits of Telegram Bots?

Telegram bots can do everything from streamlining conversations within large groups to automating complex workflows that involve Telegram. They also let users operate Telegram as a command center for dozens of other platforms, including popular social media platforms like Twitter.

Ultimately, Telegram bots help users achieve several key things:

  • Increased productivity
  • Customization
  • Connectivity to other apps
  • Enhanced user experience

The specific benefits vary from one bot to another. But overall, Telegram bots greatly expand the functionality of Telegram and make this platform much more than just another messaging app. Think of what an iPhone would be like without the App Store—that’s a lot like how Telegram would be without bots.

What Can Telegram Bots Do?

We’ll cover some categories of Telegram bots and what they can do.

Telegram Bots for Groups

Telegram bots for groups can serve a wide range of purposes. In general, they facilitate conversations on small and large Telegram channels and ensure that conversations flow smoothly.

Some functions that Telegram bots for groups achieve include:

  • Surveys and polls
  • Language translation
  • Content moderation
  • Event reminders
  • Rules reminders

In addition, many Telegram bots that aren’t explicitly built for moderating channels can still be called from inside other Telegram channels.


Telegram bots for gaming are increasingly popular. New Telegram casinos like Mega Dice and TG.Casino enable anonymous gambling with real money. There are also Telegram bots for poker, blackjack, and dice games, although many of these don’t allow players to bet real money.

Mega Dice Telegram Casino

Another class of Telegram bots focuses on trivia and quizzes. These bots can be used by a single person or enable a group to quickly host a trivia competition.


There are tons of Telegram bots built around productivity. These include bots for setting up automated workflows, delivering alerts from productivity software to Telegram, and more. For example, the IFTTT bot enables users to set up connections between Telegram and productivity tools like Slack, Office 365, Trello, and more.

There are also bots for creating reminders and alerts, like DeLorean. These bots ensure that users don’t forget important tasks, either at work or in their personal lives.

Bots that convert files, store data in the cloud, or automatically download content can also be considered productivity bots.


Telegram bots can also be helpful for travelers. The AirTrack bot, for example, helps frequent flyers keep track of flight prices. There are similar bots for tracking hotel and rental car prices, monitoring foreign exchange rates, and more.

Telegram bots can even be used to book travel. Look for this application to become increasingly common as AI-powered chatbots become more common on Telegram.


There are many Telegram bots built around finance. Users can call bots to check stock or crypto prices, get financial news alerts, and more.

Telegram bots even allow users to place trades with their brokerage or crypto exchange. These bots are commonly used by traders who join Telegram trading signals groups, since they can execute trades based on new signals automatically.

How to Use Bots on Telegram

It’s easy to find and start using bots on Telegram.

To find a bot, head to Telegram’s built-in search bar. If a user knows the handle of the bot they want to use, they can simply enter it and then click or tap on the bot when it appears.

If a user doesn’t know the bot’s handle, they can type @bot followed by keywords describing the bot. Every bot on Telegram will have a handle ending in ‘bot’.

Search for Bot on Telegram

Once a user finds a bot, how they use it will vary by bot. For most bots, just open a chat with the bot and tap ‘Start.’ The bot will display a list of commands and instructions for how to use them.

Telegram group bots can be used inside an existing Telegram channel. In this case, type @[bot_name] from within a conversation to call the bot and then enter the relevant commands to use the bot.


Telegram bots vastly expand the Telegram ecosystem by connecting it to other apps, enabling custom automations, and so much more. One of the best Telegram bots to try today is Mega Dice.

With the Mega Dice bot, anyone on Telegram can start betting real money on their favorite casino games and sports wagers. There’s no account registration required and players can bet in complete anonymity. The bot offers an outstanding user interface and access to hundreds of games, making it one of the top Telegram bots.



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