Palworld is well and truly with us and the internet sensation has a bagful of achievements that 

need unlocking, even though it has arrived in Early Access. If you are playing Palworld and need to level up quickly or even find out more about how levels work we have you covered there, but as you level up you are going to unlock some of these achievements, but others you may need to work a little harder for.

In the main the achievements are not obvious, they will only appear when you actually, well achieve them. Let’s have a go at giving you a better idea of what you need to be doing in order to bag the lot.

All achievements in Palworld

There are 10 achievements in Palworld, each worth 100 points so all 10 will get you the max gamerscore of 1000 maths fans.

Five of these are hidden around the map and the other five revolve around collecting Pals. The hardest of the collection tasks sees you needing to catch 90 different species of Pal from the 113 that are in the game at launch – you better get your searching pants on.

We are still trying to figure out the names of the last four hidden ones but we have given you the task so at least you know what you are looking for. Now check out the table below and get cracking collecting those 10 achievements.

Achievement Description Gamer points
Beginning of the Legend Caught pal for the first time 100
Newbie Pal Tamer Caught 10 types of Pals 100
Intermediate Pal Tamer Caught 20 types of Pals 100
Skilled Pal Tamer Caught 50 types of Pals 100
Seasoned Pal Tamer Caught 90 types of Pals 100
Hillside Sovereign Defeat Zoe and Grizzbolt 100
TBC Defeat Lily and Lyleen 100
TBC Defeat Marcus and Faleris 100
TBC Defeat Axel and Oserk 100
TBC Defeat Victor and Shadowbeak 100

Will there be more achievements added to Palworld

Quite possibly. The game is in Early Access right now so these are all subject to change or even be removed and added to as development moves on. We would be surprised if more aren’t added further down the line.

Paul McNally

Gaming Editor

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