Once you have the mechanics down in Palworld and you want to get around the map quickly so you can level up your character and your pals as quickly as possible it’s good to know that the game contains many fast travel spots to negate some of the world-running from place to place as you hunt around for new Pals in order to chalk off some of those achievements that we mentioned.

Fast Travel in Palworld

There is nothing overly flashy about fast traveling around Palworld. Fast Travel towers are reasonably plentiful and can be identified by an orange glow around the statue which is the tower itself.

Once you locate and trigger the Fast Travel tower its aura will turn blue instead of orange and you will be able to use it in the future to get to quickly without having to yomp across the entire map, which will certainly come in handy as the game progresses.

It’s worth noting that if you want to fast travel back to your base and you don’t build it close to a tower, the Palbox also works in the same way so you can instantly return from your travels.

Of course, while you are fast traveling you may be missing out on capturing that rare Pal you have been looking for. Sometimes though speed is important so it’s the best way to go.

Finding Fast Travel Towers in Palworld

Apart from stumbling upon them by accident, it is worth keeping an eye on your compass at the top of the screen as it will highlight if there is a tower within 300 meters of your character at any time.

Don’t forget if you haven’t jumped in on Palworld yet you can get it on Steam for $29.99 or play it for “free” on Xbox Game Pass.

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