YouTube and Spotify will not be launching a dedicated app for the new Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, joining Netflix after the streaming giant had already ruled it out.

As reported by Bloomberg, a YouTube statement detailed how they would not provide fresh app support for the upcoming Apple launch nor allow its existing iPad app to work on the device. It means YouTube and Netflix will recommend users use a web browser if they want to view content on the mixed-reality headset. Spotify is also not providing, or planning, a dedicated app for VisionOS, the operating system for Vision Pro.

The Apple device is due for launch over the coming weeks. It is the latest product by the trillion-dollar company seeking to break down barriers of what’s possible with technology while also adding convenience to its users. Users can interact with the product’s OS by using their eyes, hands, and voice, and even if YouTube, Netflix and Spotify are out there are still more than 1 million compatible apps already existing in current iOS and iPadOS app stores.

Extensive demo required for Vision Pro

Within the headset, Vision Pro will include access to Apple’s own apps for music and podcasts, but the absence of giants like Spotify, YouTube and Netflix is a blow. This is significant as the Apple product is being presented as an entertainment platform, for video, games, music, and other interactive experiences.

The situation could change later but there is no sign of it at present. The existing YouTube and Spotify apps for iPad and iPhone should provide an easy route toward supporting the Vision Pro if desired.

Pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro are underway, with a hefty price point of $3,499.

But don’t expect to plug-in and play. Apple is training its retail store workforce to demonstrate the Vision Pro to customers with sessions that could last 25 minutes.

Image: Apple

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