A new study from BMJ Public Health shows that gamers who have the volume at unsafe levels could be at risk of hearing loss.

The report shows that ”gamers who are listening at high-intensity sound levels and for long periods of time may be at risk of permanent sound-induced hearing loss and tinnitus.”

Headset levels

Gamers typically play for hours at a time, especially on popular online multiplayer titles like Fortnite.

The report shows that ”the average measured sound levels of video games nearly exceeded, or exceeded, permissible sound exposure limits, and on average, individuals played video games for approximately 3 hours per week.”

Sound off

The ideal range for adult listeners was 80 Decibels across a 40-hour working period, according to the World Health Organisation. Still, in the case of video games, there are more infrequent and louder noises — like the noise of a shooter game.

The BJM report calls these ‘impulse sounds’ and ranges in different acceptable limits for adults and children.

The document states that the “audio of video games comprises of (1) sounds of similar intensities, and (2) often (particularly in shooter games), impulse sounds. Permissible exposure limits for impulse sounds vary but are approximately 100 dB for children and 130–140 dB for adults.”

Across the three studies conducted by BMJ that made up the report, there was a difference in gaming behavior; boys, compared to girls, would play video games for a more extended period of time and at a higher sound intensity.

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Image credit: Cottonbros Studio;  Pexels