The Tizen Multi Watch App hit the Samsung Apps Store with version 1.0, and soon after version 2.0 has been submitted by the developer to the Samsung Apps Store. The Interesting selling point of Multi watch is that you can actually edit the clock face on the Tizen Gear 2 Smartwatch itself, and build your own clock face. Now you can load wsthemes as well, downloaded from

“Multi-Watch is not a single watch face, but any watch face you like”


Edit options

  • Complete theme selection (find your theme files on
  • Any (watch) background from the gallery
  • Numbers (normal/roman) or dots in a circle
  • Digital time on/off/size/position
  • Digital time am/pm or 24h + position and size
  • Date on/off/size/position/format
  • Battery indicator
  • Pedometer value (in km and miles)
  • Various colors for data/time
  • Android like topbar with battery,time and pedometer value)


Edit Mode

  • Center: switch on/off Edit-mode
  • Top left corner: select background image from Gallery
  • Top middle: set dots or numbers in a circle on the screen
  • Top right corner: am/pm or 24h time format
  • Right middle: date on/off/position/size/format
  • Bottom Right: position/size of digital time
  • Bottom middle: set color for date & time
  • Bottom left: Select WsTheme from Downloads dir
  • Left middle: show battery status and/or pedometer value
  • Area around the centre: fine-tuning position for dat/time/pedometer


Loading Theme file

  • Download your .wstheme files from
  • Connect your gear2 to your computer with a usb cable
  • Copy the .wstheme files to the “Downloads” directory on your Gear2 device
  • Select the theme from Multi-Watch with the Bottom-Left touch button in Edit-Mode

The following video demonstrates some of the improvements that version 2.0 brings with it:


Notes from the developer

  • .wstheme files (for loading themes), can be found on
  • Currently the Multi-Watch supports analog theme files only, we are working on the support of digital watch WsThemes
  • Some properties of Analog watch WsTheme files might not be supported yet, e.g. date format and position, we are working on the support of that

Please Note: The application is currently under going Samsung Apps Store testing, and it is hoped that it will be available to download in the next few days.

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